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Stretching After Working Out

Do you remember your traditional gym class? You would awkwardly gather in the cavern in the belly of your school, staring at a wall of dodge balls with fear and anxiety, while your muscled PE teacher with the standard neck-whistle held their arm across the chest passively, counting to ten?

It was wrong.

All wrong.

We now now that active warm-ups, where we do dynamic stretching is the best. What is the difference between a dynamic versus a static stretch? A dynamic stretch gets the body to move increasing blood flow to the area, while a static stretch holds the muscle to lengthen Why is dynamic stretching so much better for you? You are more likely to pull or strain a cold muscle: holding a static (non-moving stretch) before the muscle is warm could cause more harm than good.

But the magic of mobility happens at the end of the workout when you have time to really work on that mobility and flexibility. What muscles should you hit? It depends on the workout and how much time you have, but if you want an overall post-workout stretch program look no further.

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