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Fitness Goes Live – Part 2

There is no shortage of ways to get and stay fit and motivated during this pandemic. There are live fitness classes around the clock – large fitness apps like Obe and Peloton offering free trials and workouts, as well as live streaming from fitness professionals all around the world.

On any given hour in the day you can find a HIIT class, yoga, barre, strength, mini bands, pilates, dance classes, prenatal yoga – anything you used to find in your favourite studio. I have been teaching twice daily – a short 15-20 class in the morning, followed by a 30-minute evening class not only for my students, but for myself – exercise is medicine, therapy and release all at once. When life throws you upside, you need to hold on to routine – that’s why I set my alarm every morning and meet my students in my basement, live via Instagram and Facebook. Technology has made it possible for me to reconnect with students who now live in Texas, the UK and even Australia.

But I can’t teach every class and I also want to soak up the amazing fitness that is out there for all of us to share! If there is one incredible bright side to social isolation, it is that we are more connected than we ever have been. Here are a few profiles you should follow for some amazing workouts. There is an inherent bias this week: I work for Equinox which happens to have some of the best group fitness instructors in the world. Each of these profiles is part of the Equinox #fitfam.


Do you ever go to a Pilates class and the instructor is so beautiful, peaceful, talented, technical….so amazing that the moment you are done you can’t wait to see her again? That’s Paulina Witkowski. The new mom was also Equinox’s Group Fitness Instructor of the year a couple of years ago, and will take you through programs that will make you feel longer, leaner and stronger. She’s posting daily, and is not to be missed.


Total Max Fitness

Toby Masserburg came into my life like a brilliant rainbow a few years ago when he came to Toronto to train us for a special Equinox class, Best Abs Ever. He not only has the best abs, but he has amazing arms, legs and a personality to match. Join him from his living room to get an amazing sweat on – he’ll take you through Tabata and HIIT like nobody’s business.  

Sylva Mischke

Sylva is one of the strongest women I know, and her technique, knowledge and cues are flawless – you will understand how and why you are moving your body. She’s a highly trained PT and Group Fitness Instructor who recently became Weck Method certified – this woman can do anything. She is tough, but you will be tougher going through one of her workouts.

Callie Johnston

Callie. Oh, Callie. I don’t even know where to begin with how incredibly talented and amazing Callie is – Equinox pulled her out of a barre studio in Toronto, knowing exactly what they were doing, and I cannot wait to see where her career takes her. She will have you doing barre, bands, core, yoga – and you will look at her leg, driving up to the ceiling, and stop what you are doing to watch her flow. She’s incredible. End of story.

Jenni Diamond Health

Jenni Diamond came into my class one day and kept coming back – and then I discovered that she is an incredible PT with specialities in pre and post natal, as well as group personal training. The moment the pandemic hit, she started posting daily content that was not only educational, but beautifully thought out – midday stretches that everyone needs, as well as routines for all levels. A must to add to your Instagram watchlist

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