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Fitness Goes Live

On Monday morning, I was teaching my cycling class live – by Monday night I was teaching in my living room, to a large group of my own students who would have been in the studio with me. The next morning, I got up and taught a “7 at 7” class – seven moves, seven minutes – and then was back again that night. By the end of Tuesday I had committed to twice daily classes. I wasn’t the only one.

Toronto’s fitness community came alive with online fitness offerings. We all knew our students needed to stay healthy and safe. I know what my own students get from coming to class: it relieves stress and anxiety, it helps them manage their work and home life, and it is a great antidepressant, but more than that – it is community. Taking that away from them in the middle of a crisis felt inherently wrong. Keeping the community alive felt important.

As the pandemic unfolds, the fitness world is showing us what community means, tons of studios are offering free classes; Here are a few people you should follow for workout ideas and inspiration.

Carmen Puyo

I have to admit bias: I have worked alongside Carmen Puyo, the fitness manager of the MNJCC for over twenty years and happen to think she’s incredible – her energy and personality will bring a smile to your face, something we all need now. She also is an instructor at Humber and finds top talent to work for her: the crew has a full schedule of classes daily – streaming live online several times a day.

Geoff Bagshaw

It didn’t take long for one of the greatest Canadian fitness instructors to start coming to you live from his living room and you don’t want to miss a Geoff Bagshaw workout. He’s the group fitness manager for Equinox Vancouver and will give you one of the best workouts you will take that day. He’s also an incredible human being and gave me my first job in the industry.

Michael DeCorte

Vinyasa Yoga to de-stress in the middle of the day with one of the best humans I know? Sign me up. Michael DeCorte has been packing studios throughout Toronto for many years and anyone who has ever taken a class with him knows why. It only took a pandemic for Michael to see the world needs more Michael. 

So Conrad

Conrad’s star continues to rise in Toronto and around the world, and he’s delivering incredible content daily in the form of live classes using sacks of loose change as a creative piece of equipment, doing the program in crazy slippers. He’s got the magic combination of fun moves and personality. 

Odeta Kata

Odeta is real and authentic and bares her soul to you and anyone who does that has my heart. Not only that, but her moves are powerful and strong, full of mobility and she’s beautiful, too.

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