Want to get healthier in 2024?

Do you need a
total health REBOOT?

Then The Healthy Six™ is for you!

Get the guidance, resources, support and accountability you need to reach your goals.

The program starts May 14th!

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The Healthy Six reboots your life.

Over the course of six weeks, you become more aligned with your body, mind and spirit. Following guidelines along six health pillars, we strive for wellness, not just weight loss. We focus on exercise, healthy habit change, sleep and more.

The Healthy Six is a total life reboot: for your mind, body and spirit.

This program includes lots of group support, live coaching from Erin and resources to help you on this journey (recipes, workouts, daily challenges, accountability, community activities + more) – all in our private online portal.

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only $319.20



✨ Early Bird discount – 20% off with code


$399 CAD (+HST)

The Healthy Habits Program begins January 15th

But, if you sign up now, you get access to the portal – and all its resources – right away, including the exclusive bonuses below!

Add these events to your calendar:

Healthy Tips webinar – Monday, January 8th at 7 p.m.

Strong Launch Class – Saturday, January 13th at 10 a.m.

OFFICIAL KICK OFF: Set up for success – Sunday, January 14th at 7 p.m. 

MEAL PREP – Sunday, January 21st at 11 a.m.

Join The Healthy Six™ NOW & get Early Bird Bonuses!

If you sign up now, you get early access to the Fit Fam with these bonuses:

✔️ Unlimited access to over 1000 fitness classes, including 10 and 20 minute programs

✔️ Exercise Snacks to do all week

✔️ Healthy Six 3-Day Kickstart to get you ready!

✔️ Early Bird discount 20% off with code H6EARLYBIRD2024

only $319.20



Welcome to

The Healthy Six™

Spring 2023 Cohort

Raise your hand if you feel like you need a TOTAL HEALTH REBOOT!

  • Have you been struggling to exercise and eat well?

  • Do you need help with your morning and evening routines? 

  • Do you need more accountability, coaching and support?

  • Are your health habits in need of fine-tuning? 

In 6 weeks, The Healthy Six will help you:

  • Find your motivation to exercise and move everyday!

  • Kick the late night eating habits that are keeping you from your physical goals

  • Learn how to EAT, MOVE, TRAIN and THINK like a fitness trainer

  • Understand the power of health habits (sleep, fasting, emotional eating) and fasting techniques to accelerate the results you deserve!


Welcome to

The Healthy Six™

OR try our free 30-day challenge

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Good health is possible.
And within your grasp.
Let’s do it together.

The Healthy Six™ has a new home!

When you join The Healthy Six, you’ll get access to our brand new Erin Phelan Community Portal

This is a program experience unlike any other! You’ll be connected to a community of support and accountability, plus have access to all of the program resources in one place. Downloadable resources like menu plans, recipes, workouts, quick links to events and more are waiting for you here.


I started a new career path and entered a new decade of living right at the onset of the pandemic. With the whole world in a state of upheaval, the Healthy Six has been a lifeline to me; a way to recenter myself, balance my energy, and realign my mindset. Especially during such uncertain times, taking care of myself, my mind, body and spirit, so that I can take care of everyone around me, has never been more important. I think that is really the heart of the program.

Life has a way of forcing us off our path, but by following the pillars of the Healthy Six and resetting my practices, I come out stronger, more resilient, and more at peace. Though I would argue, there are really seven pillars – Erin is so vital to the journey. Her passion is truly infectious, and the commitment, love and support she gives to each of her students is unparalleled. I am so proud to be a part of her vibrant community.​

Chris P.

The thing I liked most about The Healthy Six is the food. I never felt deprived and I learned about so many delicious ideas through Erin and the wider group.

As a result I feel more alert and way less bloated. Another great thing is you can always improve on each of the pillars, my goal for the next time around is to focus on the sleep and mindfulness pillars.


I first did Erin’s Healthy Six in 2020. At that time we were all realizing that COVID was going to last longer than a month and I knew that I needed to start looking after myself. Erin’s recipes, motivational messages, and exercise classes were just what I needed to feel good again- strong, energetic, and purposeful.

I now live with the H6 in the back of my mind. 80/20 is where it’s at for me. It’s possible and within reach for me and when I follow it, I am at my best! I’ve since done The Healthy Six a few other times and it’s always because I know that renewing my commitment to the H6 way of living and to this community, helps keep me both mentally and physically healthy and strong. As for Erin’s spin classes…they’re the best! I push myself listening to her awesome tunes and her inspiring words. I never regret doing her rides and often find myself planning my days around them.


The Healthy Six is NOT a diet. It’s not a cleanse. It’s definitely not a fad. I gave up on all these things years ago, because they don’t work. What the Healthy Six IS – and why I eagerly anticipate the next cohort – is the opportunity to come together with a community who supports each other with a common goal of focusing on wellness.

The pillars of the H6 remain the same, but the program itself evolves organically as the group’s collective and individual needs change. In other words, you get out of the H6 what you put in – if you need to focus on your mindset, you do that and there are many resources to support that goal. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, a library of hundreds of work outs will get you moving!

This is why I’m looking forward to the next H6, and why I will keep coming back, because it is an anchor in the ocean of life.


I joined Erin’s FitFam, booked ongoing once a week, in-person training with her and began my journey with The Healthy Six. That was early January of 2023, so quite recent.

In the 3 months that I have had Erin guiding me to a Healthy Six lifestyle, I have reached my short-term goals (losing 10 lbs, regular routine of eating well, exercise, and connection with others), and heading towards longer-term goals of living a healthy lifestyle, being stronger and, most importantly, I am much happier and calmer because of it all. I could go on forever about the benefits I have discovered through the Healthy Six lifestyle but there’s no better proof than experiencing it for yourself. Erin and her Healthy Six community are amazing and I am so grateful to be a part of it.


The Healthy Six™

START 2023 STRONG: begins Jan 15th, 2023

The Healthy Six STRONG START includes:

  • Onboarding phase with intention setting
  • 4 weeks anti-inflammation meal plans, guidelines and  support. SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE recipes. Daily check-ins, reminders and motivation to stay the course. 
  • Two weeks 80/20 coaching
  • 1 Month access to the Erin Phelan Fit Fam (value: $99), including 10 live weekly classes & access to extensive on-demand library.
  • Research-driven health coaching
  • Mindfulness templates
  • Access to Members area with tons of resources!
  • Zoom and recorded food prep sessions 
  • In-person (Toronto) event
  • Incredible, supportive community
  • Start 2023 STRONG!

Live your BEST life NOW!

The Healthy Six has a new home!

When you click on the button to join, you’ll be directed to our brand new Erin Phelan Community Portal. 

This is a program experience unlike any other! You’ll be connected to a community of support and accountability, plus have access to all of the program resources in one place. Downloadable resources like menu plans, recipes, workouts, quick links to events and more are waiting for you here.

Steps to join:

1. Enter your email address, as shown in screenshot, then click the “Next” button and proceed with payment. (Free challenge participants will skip the payment step.)

2. Fill out your community bio by answering a few questions about yourself.

3. Once you’re inside, read the Start Here thread for general info. Then, under “The Healthy Six” section, visit H6 – Start Here for Healthy Six program info.

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