Whether it is a class, a special event or one-on-one training session, Erin will challenge your body and your mind in ways you have never imagined. 

She will make you conscientious of how exercise improves not only your physical but also your mental health and overall sense of well-being and happiness. Erin is at the forefront of the exercise is medicine movement.

Personal Training & Events

Erin is specialized in weight loss, full body programming, pre and post natal. She does special classes and events, and online health coaching. To work with Erin, click here.

Erin's Class / Training Schedule

"I can't thank you enough for what you have given me over the last six years: strength, joy, challenge, pain, excitement, confidence, determination, focus and friendship. Thank you for being so amazing and committed."
Elspeth Chang
Teacher, Toronto
"Erin Phelan is a one-of-a-kind fitness teacher. She keeps her clients motivated, engaged and challenged but makes everyone feel equal no matter their fitness ability, age or gender. Anyone who gets to do Erin’s class wants to go back for more. She just has that inspiring, positive and infectious effect on everyone."
Lindsay Collins
Interior Designer, Toronto

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